Will a BL product also be B?

In this post I will explain to you through a real case if a product with an Euroclass X of linear pipe thermal insulation will present the same classification or could present a different classification when it is applied to walls and ceilings.

Reviewing the specifications of a thermal insulation manufacturer, a customer of mine noticed that the same product had an euroclass BL-s1, d0 and a C-s2, d0. He knew that a product could present different euroclasses depending on the use but he was surprised that they were different when the product was linear. So when I spoke with him, he was thinking that the salesman who had provided him the information about that product was cheating him because according to my client the same product that had been tested under the same test method could not present different classifications, it was totally illogical, he thought.

But the salesman commercial didn´t cheat him, rather on the contrary, he presented all the information clear and concise. So what did it really happen?

The solution to this situation is contained in the classification standard EN 13501-1. Specifically, we must know the value of the classification criteria. These are shown in the following table:

According to the previous table, it can be seen that the values ​​of the classification criteria vary and are not the same for each type of euroclasses. So, we could say that for linear thermal insulation the criteria are more permissive than for application in walls and ceilings but it is also true that the fixing and mounting method and assembly shown in the EN 15715 standard, produces a greater exposure of the product in terms of exposed surface.

With respect to the classification of the smokes, it happens a similar situation.

Therefore, it should not be taken for granted that when a classification is available for an insulation product, it must be the same one when the product is presented in linear application or in walls and ceilings application,

If you want to know more information about the classifications that the thermal insulation materials could present, I invite you to read my technical article «Tipos de clasificaciones de reacción al fuego para productos aislantes”



EN 13501-1. Fire classification of construction products and building elements – Part 1: Classification using data from reaction to fire tests.

UNE-EN 15715. Thermal insulation products – Instructions for mounting and fixing for reaction to fire testing – Factory made products.


Antonio Galán Penalva                                                                                                                                           Fire safety consultant

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