Is it possible to know the euroclass of reaction to fire of a product without testing it?

In order to know the euroclase of reaction to fire of a product or system, the procedure shown in the classification standard must be followed.

But could we have a product with an euroclass without testing it? The answer is yes but under specific conditions. This is a very interesting opportunity to present a product in the market without the need to make an economic investment in a reaction to fire tests.

How could this process be done?

As a result of the knowledge and experience of European experts in fire safety, they have published harmonized European documents (such as Commission Decisions, standards for CE marking, etc.) in which a Euroclass is automatically assigned to a product under specific conditions.

What products could be classified without testing?

We can find a wide range of construction products, such as gypsum plaster boards, wood-based boards, decorative wall coverings, etc.

What classifications can we find?

The range of classifications we can find covers from  A1 to E Euroclass. Below several examples of how this information is presented.

Example 1. Gypsum plasterboard.

Example 2. A1 products without the need of testing.

Example 3. Resilient floors coverings.

Where is this information?

This information could be found in the Commission Decisions or in standards for the CE marking of construction products. These Decisions could be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (click here to access the list)

Sometimes, the process to find a Commission Decisions or the CE marking standards for a specific product is not easy, but luckily we have Royal Decree 842/2013, of October 31, which approves the classification of construction products and construction elements based on their reaction and  and resistance to fire properties.

In this Royal Decree are collected all the products with a classification of reaction to fire without the need to test it. (Click here to access Royal Decree 842/2013).

Does it imply compliance with the CTE DB SI or RSCIEI?

Both the CTE DB SI (Technical Building Code) and the RSCIEI (Fire safety regulation in industrial facilities) establish, among other requirements, the minimum levels that products or systems must meet from the point of view of reaction to fire (Euroclass). Consequently, it is possible to have a product that has a euroclass without the need for testing but that is below the level of requirement of both regulations. Similarly, we can have a product with a euroclass that is equal to or higher than the required requirement.

Aspects to consider

Classifications without the need for testing can not be used for all kind of applications, they only apply under the conditions described in the reference documents (Commission Decisions, standards for CE marking or Royal Decrees). Special attention must be paid to compliance with the product or system considered in the end use application. The opposite implies not having an euroclass.

Antonio Galán Penalva

Fire Safety Consultant

Diseño de Instalaciones de Protección contra Incendios (PCI)